Foundation History

Created in 1994 by Mrs. Maria de Jesus Barroso Soares and a group of personnalities for the prevention of violence and promotion of Human Rights through scientific studies, planning and evolution of preventive measures and other actions for the defense of the referred rights published at the official journal [Diário da República - III serie 13/10/94].

Pro Dignitate was recognised as an institution of "utilidade pública" public interest by the Prime Minister Cavaco Silva, October 27th 1995 [Diário da República - III serie, November 10th 1995].

The Foundation follows the inspiration of the President Mrs. Maria de Jesus Barroso Soares - who started during the fourties [1940] a fight for human rights, namely, freedom of opinion and expression and the establishment of Democracy in Portugal.

When her husband was President of the Republic [March 86 to March 96] the main actions she undertook were the fight against violence, particularly violence in Television and the support to the victims of war in the former Portuguese Colonies.

Pro Dignitate has carried out actions to prevent violence and to promote human rights in schools in cooperation with similar organisations.

Pro Dignitate NGOD [Non Governmental Organisation for the Development] is registered at the Institute for Portuguese Cooperation and promotes campaigns of Solidarity with the countries that have Portuguese as an official language.

Patronage status
The Patronage status was granted to Pro Dignitate for the "Educating in solidarity Campaign" in a joint decision nº 468/2001 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.

ECOSOC Special Consulting Status

Pro Dignitate was admitted at the ECOSOC - United Nations Social and Economic Council- as a Special Consultant Body.

IRC- tax exemption
The commercial revenue tax exemption was granted to Pro Dignitate in decision nº10942 by the Ministry of Finance.